DNA Screen – Secure DNA testing for your future health
DNA testing can save lives by helping to take preventative action against disease risk. DNA Screen, led by Monash University, is offering secure, free DNA testing to identify risk of cancer and heart disease that can be prevented or treated early.
How it works

One in 75 Australians have one of these DNA variants, but many don’t know it. DNA Screen is offering 10,000 18 to 40-year-olds across Australia a free DNA test to look for variants that increase the risk of some cancers or heart disease.

A saliva sample, collected simply at home, is all the test requires.

The world-first DNA Screen pilot study is funded by the Federal Government and led by Monash University, in collaboration with institutions and researchers from around Australia. Personal data collected by the study is private and confidential.

Most people we test will not have the DNA variants we are looking for, and the increased risk of disease they bring. People who have one of these variants will be offered genetic counselling to explain the test results and discuss next steps. They will also be offered effective, proven risk-reducing steps to prevent disease or catch and treat it early.

Your participation could help Australia become the first country to offer preventive DNA screening through a public healthcare system. To find out more about how your DNA may influence your future health, simply click below to register your interest.

Participant Information

Check our FAQs for more information about the DNA Screen pilot study.

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