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15 August 2023
Support new laws to ban genetic discrimination in life insurance
Life insurers are legally allowed to use genetic test results to discriminate. We are upfront with people about this, and some choose not to have screening because of discrimination fears. Right now, the Australian government is considering a policy change on this issue. If you are concerned about this, you can use our simple tool to find and send an email to your federal MP, to ask them to support a ban on genetic discrimination in life insurance.

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2 August 2023
ABC Big Ideas podcast: Young and healthy (or not)? Here's why DNA screening should be on your radar
Paul Lacaze, Jane Tiller, Nancy Cox, Kara Hately
7 December 2022
National DNA screening could save lives for people with high-risk hereditary disease gene variants
Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care
30 November 2022
Research Article
Public willingness to participate in population DNA screening in Australia
Jane Tiller, Andrew Bakshi, Adam Brotchie, Robert Green, Ingrid Winship, Paul Lacaze
7 April 2022
MJA Podcasts 2022 Episode 12: Population DNA screening with Associate Professor Paul Lacaze
Paul Lacaze
4 April 2022
Research Article
Population DNA screening for medically actionable disease risk in adults
Paul Lacaze, Jane Tiller, Ingrid Winship
11 November 2020
Research Article
Population genomic screening of young adults for familial hypercholesterolaemia: a cost-effectiveness analysis
Clara Marquina, Paul Lacaze, Jane Tiller ... Zanfina Ademi
18 February 2019
Research Article
Population genomic screening of all young adults in a health-care system: a cost-effectiveness analysis
Lei Zhang, Yining Bao, Moeen Riaz ... Paul Lacaze